As an expert in the field of immigration, Rosanna is regularly featured in the local and national media.


Having worked in the immigration field for more than 25 years, Rosanna Berardi possesses an incredibly vast knowledge of the innerworkings of the immigration system, the law, and current news topics. Rosanna has a unique advantage over her peers, as she began her career as an Immigration Inspector with the former legacy Immigration & Naturalization Service (INS), providing her with insight in how the government operates. Before founding her own immigration law firm in 2005, Rosanna also spent time as an INS Trial Attorney in New York City and six years as an Immigration Associate Attorney with the largest law firm in Buffalo.

Rosanna Berardi’s experience as a government employee, coupled with her experience as the Managing Partner and Founder of her own immigration firm allows her to provide a more accurate look at today’s immigration system.

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